Graduated in 2002 in electrical engineering  (98/100) in Politecnico di Milano, he is a member of “Albo degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Bergamo” since 2004, when he passed the exam for the professional qualification. Since then he has worked for Studio Ceri, learning the necessary skills to perform his activity with great capacity and developing the sector of renewable energy as photovoltaic, energy certification and energetic audit of buildings.


Graduated in 1961 in ITIS Paleocapa of Bergamo, he started his work in the reasearch and development department of Magrini in Bergamo, with the task of designing, experimentation and manufactoring of electrical devices. Since 1980 he is a freelancer, he is an electric consultant,  and designer for medium and low voltage electric systems. He is a member of “Collegio dei Periti” of Provincia di Bergamo since 1984.

Studio tecnico Ing. Ceri

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Dott. Ing. Lorenzo Ceri

Per. Ind. Antonino Ceri

Studio tecnico Ing. Ceri has several employees and can have the support of outsource professional studios for interdisciplinary designs.